Eco Lawnmower

Following years of extensive research and testing, we are finally able to release our 100% ecological lawnmower: the snail lawnmower.

This amazing invention will revolutionise garden maintenance, and in doing so, save the planet. Industry magazines have headlined this amazing innovation: Gastropods Monthly: “the product of the year”; Lazy Gardener Gazette: “aaah” and the famous New York Magazine ‘Snail News’: “Amazing”.

Featuring easy maintenance (you just have to pop one, or several snails inside), and zero carbon emissions, our Eco Lawnmower will allow you to lay about all day guilt-free, secure in the knowledge that you’re actually working… you’re mowing the garden! Just give it a little push now and again…

We do not recommend this otherwise amazing product for parks greater than 1 hectare in size.

Eco Lawnmower